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The teachers at Cygnet Public School are highly qualified with post graduation degrees in their subject and graduation in education. They are aware of models of teaching and theories of learning.
Teachers have to consider and acknowledge students coming from variety of social, cultural, religious background as traditional approach to teaching has to be replaced with eclectic method.
The demand of pedagogy varies from subject to subject and it also depends on the aims and objectives to be achieved thru the prescribed curriculum.
The teachers of English, Hindi, Marathi & Sanskrit use teaching method to develop four skills Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing in students. The methods like direct method , translation method , narration method, discussion method and pair learning, peer learning, group learning are used by the teachers to teach English, Marathi, Hindi & Sanskrit.
To achieve the aims and objectives of Science and Mathematics teachers use variety of methods like explanation, demonstration, inductive method, deductive method etc.
‘Learning by doing’ is an method which yields wonderful results, keeping this in view maths lab is developed indigenously by the teachers of Cygnet Public School. Maths lab has variety of manipulatives and toys which help in teaching learning process. This helps in consolidation of concepts in right manner.
Social Science demands a different approach to achieve the efficient teaching and learning . Teachers have developed Social Science laboratory which has many charts, maps, models and manipulatives. These are used to explain the concepts of geography and history.
Teachers use explanation, narration, excursion methods along with other modern methods to achieve the aims and objectives of the subject.

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